History Repeats EP

by Dagger Threat

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released March 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Dagger Threat Hamburg, Germany

a five piece band straight out of Hamburg, that was formed in late 2015.
Characterized by heavy guitar riffs, low bass, groovy drums and angry vocals DAGGER THREAT will hit the listeners straight in their faces with influences from different genres and bands. ... more

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Track Name: Reaper's Hand
Coming for you
Reaper's hand
You think you've got time
now let me tell you the truth
better say your last will
kiss, good night
hell is awaiting for you

can't run, can't hide, goodbye
time's up, you lose
you are the one, who he chose

I tell you, you won't live forever
these days, things won't get better
guns and knives, wrong place, wrong time
the reaper won't care and leaves none of us behind.

he will seek to cut your lifeline
Track Name: Hyde
I can feel someone behind me as I’m walking down these streets
A deep cold breath around my neck that I’m struggling with
I can feel his hands around my throat
I can’t breathe as I’m turning around
No one’s there so I stare through this cold air,
as I turn into a nervous wreck
This is all a paranoia
A sickness in the back of my fucking head! I’m fucking lost!
This is all a paranoia
in the back of my head
a fucking paranoia
a thing inside me wants me dead
I’m fucking paranoid
and it’s dragging me down
fucking paranoid
a sickness with an evil frown
I am lost
Track Name: Blackout
Take a look out the window.
look at our modern world.
up-to-date technology.
Everyone's caught in the world wide web.

Imagine our system would collapse
and everything would break down.
Is mankind able to survive?
Everything you've got is gone.
Nothing! No light, no heat!
Starting from the bottom.
Stone Age is breaking out.

survival instinct on your mind
the modern world is left behind

Someone flicks the switch
and the power supply is gone.
sitting alone in the dark.
would you have any hope?

Your battery is running low,
and you ask yourself what to do.
the answer must be in you.

Sure this is all made up
but it could come true.
World wide blackout
we start again from new.

Humanity will face it's worst fear

Just flick the switch
shut the lights
suddenly you will see
fight for life
til the end
of this humanity

Humanity will face it's worst fear
Track Name: History repeats
I think I'm losing ground
and my stomach is feeling weak!
Haven't you heard the news today?
I'm angry and fucking sick!

I see houses burning
racist idiots in the streets
screaming all their fucking hate
against foreign people they see

this happened all before
mankind waging war
bloodshed in the streets
history repeats

I'm sick because the history repeats

Haven't we learned enough?
The same shit happened before!
It could be all so simple
but history is teaching mankind
that man didn't learn shit